Monitoring Rates

Information you should know before committing to a burglar alarm company!

  • Central Station Monitoring as low as $23.00/monthly

  • Wireless Monitoring as low as $14.00/monthly

  • Texts & Alerts as low as $18.00 monthly

  • Self Monitoring as low as $5.00/monthly

*Central Station Monitoring - Personnel available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to respond to police/fire/medical alarms originating from the customers security system.

**Self Monitoring - The customer is responsible for calling the police/fire/medical authorities when an alarm condition is transmitted via text or email to their cellphone or computer.  Self monitoring requires enrollment as an interactive wireless customer.  This is a very good deal for cost minded customers who only use their burglar alarm when they are away from their home or business. 

***Wireless Monitoring (via cellphone) - Requires participation in the Self Monitoring or Central Station Monitoring program.  This can be either primary or as a backup to a land line.
****Interactive - Remote arming/disarming from cellphone/computer.  Text alerts and emails sent on arming/disarming events and alarm activation to your cellphone or computer.  This service requires the customer to have a smart phone with a data plan.

*****Senior - 65 years of age or older.

                              Central Station*                   Self**                    Wireless Monitoring***  
                                 Monitoring                    Monitoring                  (via cellphone)     

                                    Rates                           Rates                              Rates 
                                                                                                No Data        Interactive****
                      Regular             Seniors*****                                                     Texts & Alerts

Yearly               $270.00            $250.00              $60.00                $160.00          $210.00
Semi-Annual     $137.00            $127.00             $35.00                $85.00            $110.00
Quarterly           $75.00              $65.00               $20.00                $45.00            $57.00
Monthly             $24.00              $22.00                $8.00                 $16.00            $20.00